welcome to my crappy site!
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Hey kids, welcome to my crappy half-assed personal site. It's basic information for creepy strangers and internet stalkers. Below, you'll find a rarely updated list of updates. Someday I'll have this all looking awesome. Until then, live with it, you whiney cry babies.
05.15.03.: I know i say "I'll be updating and changing stuff around" a lot. But since I bet no one even visits my site, I won't tell you [imaginary people] a damn thing! MWAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHA! be confused, damnit!

09.18.02.:Making modifications to the site. Should be finsihed by the end of the month. Expect new pictures and such in November.

02.09.02.: I added this HILLARIOUS frame from a comic to the "Comics" section. Go look NOW!! AH HA HA!!


^ these many people have wasted their time and effort on my site. you're all sad.

oops, did i fuck up? email me at GreenEyedGadJet@aol.com